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Governance of major FFF projects

Frank Fenner Foundation's major projects will each:
  • act consistently with FFF’s principles and governance guides as advised by the board from time to time
  • be managed under the FFF board by a committee of FFF members, one of whom will represent their project on the FFF board (either as an existing board member or ex officio)
  • be supported by FFF wherever possible using its good standing as an established and legally incorporated organization
  • have access to the contacts of its well-connected membership
  • be able to use the FFF rooms for meetings and functions
  • have the use of FFF’s office for bookkeeping and paying each project's bills, payment of GST, PAYG and other tax obligations; auditing, receiving credit card payments by mail, internet and in person
  • be able to request from FFF coverage of their risk exposures through FFF’s insurance
  • be able to use the FFF website, its journal, its Post Office box and the FFF office as points of contact and to spread their information
  • have access to FFF's charitable status (as a registered environmental organization) allowing donations to be tax deductible - providing those donations and the use to which they are put are consistent with the reasons for which FFF has been granted that status
  • be able to apply for grants from FFF
  • be more easily able to apply for government and philanthropic grants – which may require incorporation, insurance cover, a bank account and audited financial statements
  • be able to use FFF’s administrative support to employ people in line with superannuation, worker’s compensation and tax requirements
  • participate in a reporting process to and from the FFF board to ensure that the board is informed of progress with each project and that the projects are aware of NSF’s strategic direction
  • provide to the FFF board reports on progress every two months for possible publication in Frank Fenner Foundation
  • submit to the FFF board (copy to the FFF office) any proposed press release or similar public document.