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ACT Zero Emissions Target

Sign the petition to Simon Corbell, ACT Minister for Climate Change

Why is public money still being invested in the fossil fuel industry? We know that the use of fossil fuels is contributing to climate change – and that scientists are telling us we must move away from using them. We know that climate change and pollution from the fossil fuel industry are damaging our ecosystems  - that we rely on for our own health and wellbeing - very rapidly. Very clever people have developed many other methods of producing clean energy – and these produce jobs and spin off into other innovative technologies as well.  So why is public money still going to the industry which is harming, rather than helping?

Frank Fenner Foundation as a member organisation of the Conservation Council ACT and Region, is joining their call to Canberra citizens to sign to petition to Simon Corbell, the Minister for Climate Change, requesting him to review the ACT Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010, to update the climate targets to reflect the pace necessary to reach zero emissions, as outlined by the Paris climate agreements and to stop the investment of public money into the fossil fuel industry.

Click here to sign

And if you want to do more, please send a quick email to the Chief Minister asking that it becomes a mandatory part of the approval process for any development or procedure to fully assess the impact on our emissions, climate and health of our ecosystems. Click here