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A checklist for choosing a low-energy, more self-reliant home
The hard work has been done for you - Selecting a house which has a useful degree of low energy living and also of self reliance is not an easy task, calling for a good working knowledge of the science of building and in particular, some knowledge of the way in which solar, electric and hydraulic energies can improve or reduce the occupants’ quality of life.
Climate Change Needs Housing Change
Derek Wrigley
Global Food Security: defusing the ticking time-bombs: Julian Cribb
Julian Cribb, science writer and author of 'The Coming Famine', (2010), gave a talk to Nature and Society Forum on March 20th 2013.
Letter to Australia's PM about nominating the ACT as a Biosphere Reserve
This statement was sent by Ian Anderson the the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd on 6 April 2008
New PowerPoint article added on 9th August, 2012 If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download the text only Word document and the PDF slide file, in the publication/papers section.
ACT State of the Environment Report: Biodiversity Findings
The 2015 ACT State of the Environment report was tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly in mid-February. The report details a number of issues of concern for the Frank Fenner Foundation in ensuring a biosensitive environment in the ACT.