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About the biosensitive section

(and the people who built it and support this project)

There are lots of websites with information ....

Lots with information about the environment ....

And lots – probably too many – about health (sadly, most are actually about illnesses and injuries).

There are also lots of sites advocating the protection of the environment or improvement in human health.

And others that over-simplify the complex issues or use every opportunity to turn the issues into entertainment or a battleground.

And yet others that promote particular 'solutions'. But many of these 'preach to the converted'

But Biosensitive Futures is different:

1. We present the core, fundamental information

2. We focus not only on the environment and human
health but the history of the two and their inextricable

3. We recognize that societal and individual change is
required to avoid and remedy serious environmental,
health and societal problems. That is, that a biosensitive
future is the only future if our species is to survive

At this point you come in.

4. We invite you to help Australians (and others) show
the way to a biosensitive future by:

  • understanding the issues
  • proposing solutions, asking questions (including awkward
    ones), furthering the debate (see how here), and
  • taking appropriate action – whatever is within your capacity.


Welcome to our website. We hope you find it helpful and that it leads to positive change in the environment, in human health and wellbeing in areas that concern you.

Visit this page for more information on a biosensitive society.

We are supported by the Frank Fenner Foundation, an Australian non-profit organization funded by its members. We invite you to support the spread of biounderstanding through this website by donating to the Frank Fenner Foundation.

The website has been developed in Plone. We chose Plone as we needed a product that can be maintained by people without specialist training and skills. We’d really like to appear slicker, but we’d rather be able to share the work across our team, so the website keeps humming along.

Please let us know what you think.

This site was built by Rob Armstrong from Bullseye Graphics


Neill Cox of Ingenious Software did the tricky bits


The content management system is Plone


The site is hosted through a sponsorship arrangement by Ace Hosting

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