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Survey Details

Biosensitive Futures Survey

The Frank Fenner Foundation (FFF) invites you to participate in a Biosensitive Futures Survey. This survey is a product of the Foundation’s Biosensitive Futures Program.

The Frank Fenner Foundation is a not-for profit organisation based on appreciation that our society today is not ecologically sustainable and that the survival of civilisation will require some major changes-in the scale and nature of human activities on Earth. It aims to contribute to necessary social change by promoting understanding of the human place in nature and by sponsoring informed dialogue on social changes necessary to achieve a society that is truly sensitive to, in tune with and respectful of the life processes which underpin our existence.

The objectives of this project are:

  1. to find out to what extent other concerned individuals in the community agree with the tenets and objectives of the Biosensitive Futures Program
  2. to set in motion a procedure for spreading understanding of the story of life and the human place in nature
  3. to encourage constructive dialogue on the ways and means brining about an effective transition to a biosensitive society in as short a time as possible.


Please read the The Bionarrative, The Story of Life and the Future and Civilisation, and Tenets listed and then complete the survey by clicking here.