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Ecological issues

Ecological issues facing Australia and Australians today
Paper 1.8 - Part 1B - Ecological issues
Climate change
Enhanced greenhouse effect, Earth's atmosphere
Energy issues
Energy issues for a biosensitive society (Further reading list to be added)
Ocean dynamics, overfishing
Ocean processes
and greenhouse warming
Ozone layer destruction
Ozone layer, UV penetration, effects on plants and animals, action
Pollutants (POPs)
Persistent organic pollutants (POPs), their health and environmental effects
Soils - nutrient cycles
Nutrient elements, nitrogen, phosphorous
Soils - erosion
Wind erosion, water erosion (add table)
Soils - salinity
Soil salinity, dryland salinity
Soils - sodic and acidic
Soil sodicity, soil acidity
Nuclear weapons, nature and society
Water issues in Australia
Water flows, water in cities, water reform