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The Routledge Handbook of Urbanization and Global Environmental Change

Edited by Karen C. Seto, William D. Solecki, Corrie A. Griffith

About the Book

This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the interactions and feedbacks between urbanization and global environmental change. A key focus is the examination of how urbanization influences global environmental change, and how global environmental change in turn influences urbanization processes. It has four thematic foci: Theme 1 addresses the pathways through which urbanization drives global environmental change. Theme 2 addresses the pathways through which global environmental change affects the urban system. Theme 3 addresses the interactions and responses within the urban system in response to global environmental change. Theme 4 centers on critical emerging research.


"Cities are the pathway to sustainable development – and the chapters of this landmark volume, which detail the interactions of the urbanization process with environmental change, provide the global evidence base for this bold assertion. Clear yet nuanced, the editors distill key scientific findings to point the way forward for policy makers and scholars looking to better understand the urbanization process and what to do with cities. Given expectations associated with the new urban focus of the post 2015 agenda, the timing of the book could not have been more appropriate."

Professor Susan Parnell, African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town

"The Handbook of Urbanization and Global Environmental Change provides a much needed injection of comparative and rigorous research into the growing field of research concerned with understanding how and why cities matter for sustainability at the global scale. Covering a wide array of topics, from the dynamics of urbanisation in Asian cities to how high income cities are facing the challenge of the low carbon transition, this volume provides researchers and students with a range of entry points into this complex debate. It will be an invaluable guide for all seeking to find how cities can play a critical role in addressing global environmental change."

Professor Harriet Bulkeley, Department of Geography, Durham University, UK