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Australian Greenhouse Calculator

Explore how your lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Review of this site by Derek Wrigley, January 2016

I have just completed my first run-through of the Australian Greenhouse Calculator.
It gives you the visual impression of being well-designed but, as is so common these days the young web designers use words that are not understood by the older generation. A psychologist is often badly needed to guide the uninitiated through the many twists and turns of filling in the data and although they have tried to make it easy they have not fully succeeded.
My comments are too many to list here but the use of the orange question mark in the top right must be read at the very beginning - I didn't because I didn't get the opportunity and consequently spent four hours filling it in only to find out I couldn't manipulate the results  I needed at the end or how to get back to a previous page. The navigation of moving between pages is not obvious and too often you are left with not knowing how to move - no instructions on the page.
And when I got back to the beginning I found it was all calculated on a household of 3 occupants instead of the 2 I had put in.
The quick and the detailed methods are a good feature as are the options presented when clicking on a word…...
I also took it from its title that it was a product of the Federal Australian Greenhouse Office but it would seem to be Victorian - the publisher seems to be very shy in giving contact details. - and Google didn't make that very clear.
One serious omission is that there seems to be no way in which a house that has been retrofitted for energy conservation can be accommodated in these calculations.
I appreciate that new concepts are hard to assess for efficiency but as an example my stack ventilation system has seen us through this recent hot spell very effectively - on our hottest day with 39º outside and 27º inside - without an air conditioner.
Also no way of inserting an electric bike into the calculation. I have a long list of needed changes.
Having ended in some degree of frustration I am not inclined to have to do it once again (having now found the instructions - but how do I retrieve it all ?). There must be a clearer way to assess all this detail  and while I feel they have made a brave attempt it is not yet good enough.
However, there are many good features and its certainly better than the UK model I saw recently so in summary I would give it 8 out of 10 - its a good try but it needs tweaking to make its friendliness more obvious.